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Remind me to post my Wordpress and Blogger links. Though I sort of neglect those accounts.

My Deviant Art page

My facebook....

And my 'studio' page
B.E.M's Studio

My Tumblr (I don't always keep up with it.)

I'm on Pinterest, but I don't update it often...

I'm on Etsy as well, but not much up for sale right now.

I also went and set up a Paypal.Me link..... in case anyone ever wants to buy any of the pottery I sometimes post......
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Does anyone have a weird awful desire to pair Diana Prince and Jim Gordon together?


I've looked for fanfic with this pairing, but haven't found any.
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"The Girl Who Once Lived in a Box." That's where she used to blog. She's a woman who grew up in fundamentalist Christianity, had this whole blog story where her parents stalked her when she moved out and refused to go to BJU. Even her pastor got involved, because apparently it's against God for a Real True Christian(tm) daughter to move out of her parents' home while single and live on her own.

(Okay, maybe it's 'unBiblical', but there were reasons people lived in clan groups then. And while sometimes I think would be great if more Americans took up the family clan living style, it should be an individual choice.)

Anyway, here is her hurricane Harvey story...

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Where you take two of your favorite characters and put them in a Storycorps booth.


There's only one story in the collection right now, but I want more!

Imagine Draco and Harry, in their 80s, being put in a Storycorps booth. (Though Hermione might be a better choice.)

Darn, I have not been watching any series on a regular basis.

Elderly Cassandra (from Stargate) in a StoryCorps booth, after the Stargate program has been long declassified, talking about... what would she talk about?

I haven't seen Airwolf in a while.... very eldery Archangel talking about some of the previously classified rescues the Airwolf team(s) did?

That time someone put Princess Diana into a StoryCorps booth, with an eldery Congo woman. (In my new headcanon, after WWI, Diana ended up in the Congo, and kicked out the Belgians.)

Who else got put in a StoryCorps booth? (For some reason, I keep picturing the characters as elderly, like a very old Jim Gordon, talking about his early days in Gotham, and the Batman.)

Or an elderly Lois Lane, or even Lex Luthor, talking about their impressions of Superman?

Why am I stuck in comics fandom right now?
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I am not using Photobucket any more. Nope nope nope....

I uploaded everything to Flikr, then later remembered I have a DeviantArt account. Bah. Oh, well....

So two cup-n-saucer sets. Two chocolate pot sets. The chocolate pot is different from a tea or coffee pot. Tea or coffee has the base of the spout low, but chocolate pots are supposed to have the spout by the top. Plus they have the handle on the side. I tried this on one pot, and I don't think it really works right. Anyway......

Read more... )

I'm taking pottery class again this semester. I'll see how things go, as we are doing a lower firing, cone 6, rather than cone 10.
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And he said my foot looks to be healing well. It's a very 'thin' incision. If it wasn't for the stitches I wouldn't realize I had an incision there. It's almost more like the skin is 'folded' or something.

But no redness, swelling or seepage, or anything else unpleasant.

I have to wear a boot, and he says I can put weight on it now, but no 'overdoing' it. I'm supposed to still keep it elevated as much as possible.

Stitches come out next week Thursday.

I took a picture, just in case anyone wants to see a picture of my stitches.


I'm awake!

Sep. 1st, 2017 08:42 pm
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Got home from surgery about 1pm. No massive upchucking this time, and I was more awake/ aware this time. I remember as I was waking up, looking around the recovery area at the nurses, and seeing other people, and then I looked up. There were rail tracks for curtains but no curtains were hanging. (It's probably actually more sanitary that way. Or maybe the curtains were all at the cleaners?)

The anesthesiologist said he suspected that it was the pain meds at fault for me being slow to wake, and me vomiting like crazy last time, and having an upset stomach for about 5 days after. So he was going to make sure I got less pain medication this time.

I think it worked! I also didn't really 'think' about the fact that I've always been sensitive to pain medication. Extra strength Tylenol can make me fall asleep. It was great as a teen, taking it before bed. Then one day at work, I fell asleep standing up!

So, anyway.... thanks to wrapping it for so long (over a year, maybe)Dr. Clark said that the Achilles tendon might be stiff. Plus that darned tendon on the inside of the foot, by the arch, that goes from the heel past the arch (can't remember the name of that tendon) might have gotten a bit messed up from the chipped bone. He said he'd find out when he 'got in there'.

But all-in-all, it went pretty good.

Oh, they had some sort of breathing /asthma therapist come in and put me on the nebulizer. I love that thing! My breathing was a bit tight in the pre-surgery room, and after that thing, I could breathe again!

The only darned thing is that I've got crutches. I hate those things. My insurance apparently won't give me a scooter, but the doctor said I could rent one of those for about $12 a week.

I'm so calling Aids for Recovery later.

So who wants to see my stitches, when I get it re-wrapped Tuesday?
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tomorrow! I have to be there at 6:00 am. Bah. Looking forward to getting that bone chip removed, but not wanting to have that reaction to anesthesia that I had with my Acessa. (I took an hour and 45 minutes longer than they expected to wake up, I was vomiting, and I couldn't eat anything but chicken broth and tea.)

Anyway, check back in when I am more awake.

On another note, a co-worker died. I am not really surprised, because Ginger had been sick for awhile. First she got breast cancer, then she ended up with leukemia, had a bone marrow transplant. About 40 days after, she got an infection. She's been in the hospital. I'd heard from her bestie Carolyn (who also works at Kohl's) that they had to drug her because she was hallucinating.

Well, I got to talk to Helen (who was also on friendly terms with her.) Ginger had been on the upswing, alert and awake. Ginger's daughter contacted them with the news that her mom had had some sort of episode at the hospital. Ginger had started crying at the nurses/ doctors that she was tired of this, and she wanted them to let her go.

So they did.....

I'm wondering how Carolyn and Ginger's daughter are doing now.

I'll admit that when I came in to work today, I saw a vase with live cut flowers, and I was like "oh shit, did Ginger die?"

Sigh.... need to find out when the funeral is.

My dad

Aug. 28th, 2017 10:12 pm
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has this odd tendency to get stuff mixed up sometimes.

Like he's eagerly anticipating the next episode of something he's been watching, where they found someone with the same cirrhosis of back that King Henry had, and showing how he did stuff on horse back or whatever.

I tell my dad I've heard of cirrhosis of the liver, but not of the spine.

I decide to google, and think dad must mean scoliosis of the spine.

Google shows Richard, but not Henry.

Yup, that's Dad.

He was once trying to give me an update on a Stargate episode (way back) that I had missed, and told me that Jack had been killed. Hahahaha.
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OMG, I forgot about this prompt thing... what are they called anyway?

It's "101 Times JD Neilson Hitched a Ride" with short stories by different folks, all crossovers, based on the idea of Jack O'Neil's clone hitching a ride with someone from a different fandom.

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I haven't been posting on DW or LJ recently. I really need to post pictures of what I did in pottery this semester.

I also need to have surgery on my foot. I chipped a bone in my foot. I've been seeing two different podiatrists (insurance change) and having it wrapped, but the darned little chip is still there. The newest doctor told me that wrapping it, and taking Nsaids is just sort of putting a bandaid on a wound, and it's time to think about surgery.

I'll admit that I agree, because I'm tired of wrapping my foot when I go anywhere. And Leo lost the little metal clasps for my newest wrap, he knocked them under a piece of furniture I can't lift. So I use a few stitches to hold it in place. Sigh.

And you have to wash the darned wraps, because they get smelly after awhile if you don't.

Surgery is slated for the first Friday in September. I'll have to take two weeks off, because the foot needs to be elevated as much as possible while the stitches are still in. Otherwise swelling occurs, and the doc said that would be uncomfortable.

Sigh...... I *think* I could afford two weeks off. I'll see how it goes.


I really need to update more often. Will go check my friends' statuses (stati? statui?) now.


Jul. 2nd, 2017 10:55 am
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In the mornings, I usually go get ice for Paloma and the stray cats I feed. Plus Olivia, who lives in the garage, and Fluffy who lives on the porch, because she likes to poop in inappropriate places, and is very, very picky about her kitty litter.

One of the 'strays' is Velvet, a black cat with a spot of white on her chest. She belongs to someone, but I'm not sure who. I contacted BigFix4BigD for help getting her spayed. (As I don't have much money, and I certainly couldn't afford to get her fixed.)

She loves to sleep in the bed of the pickup I drive.

Today Velvet was in the bed of the pickup. I exited the house and go towards the driveway, and I didn't notice her until she meowed at me.

Conversation between me and Velvet...

Me; "What are you doing there!"

Velvet, "Mao!"

Me; "I'm going to go get ice".

Velvet, "Noaw"

Me; "But I don't like driving the Corolla."

Velvet, blinking sleepily, "MEEOOW!"

I get in the Corolla, and drive off to get ice for these darned animals.

(I don't like driving the Corolla because Dad is rough with stuff and the Corolla shows it. He's broken the door handles, so it's difficult to open the doors from outside the car, plus he's worn away the carpet. And there's a crack in the windshield. And it's only from 2001! Plus he's not good about getting oil changes on time, and he sometimes drives with the parking brake on.)
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I follow Donna Barr on FB. She was criticizing the Wonder Woman movie, and musing about Diana helping the Africans fight the Belgians in the Congo.

Now I want fan fic. That fic where Diana somehow ends up in the Congo, sees how the Belgians treat the natives, and ends up helping them fight off the Belgians.

Though one of her followers mentions that there is a new version of Tarzan, where Tarzan fights the Belgians in the Congo. Must go google that.....
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OMG, this reads like an old style Sherlock Holmes story. Though told from the viewpoint of a 'friend' of the client, rather than from Dr. Watson's POV.

All the Joys by Violsva
Summary: The fundamentals of a case: a young lady, a threatened inheritance, a villainous relative.
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at one of those women-only showings. I felt so underdressed. So many women came in Wonder Woman themed outfits, or full out cosplay.

It was an okay super-hero movie. I was a bit thrown by the setting of WWI, rather than WWII.

None of the plot twists surprised me. And it was nice that they didn't edit out Godat's thigh jiggle. (Her thighs jiggle on landing from jumps.) No gratuitous butt or boobie shots. (Any such shots happen in the course of action, not because the camera is looking for ass-crack or cleavage.)

But now I want that fan fiction, where Princess Buttercup ended up on Paradise Island, and became General Antiope.

And imagine the crossover possibilities! Like if she was active during WWII, did she run into Duncan McLeod, or Amanda, or Corey helping the French Resistance?

Any ideas for other crossovers? (She works at the Louvre, now I want to see "that time Teal'c decided to tour Tau'ri museums, and met Diana Prince."
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Story about how someone accidentally summoned a demon, and started serving sandwiches to other demons....


I need to get me a tumbler account!
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This is not mine, this is via a friend from FB.

"when they arrived their apartment was practically gone. They are left with nothing, and are expecting their first child, a daughter, in September. We are not the ones to ask for help, but with their renters insurance through the apartment company itself, they are only placing them in another apartment and not covering any personal belongings that were lost."

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Okay, so I've seen the Simpsons before. And I'll admit that I laugh at Homer choking Bart. I watched Family Guy once, but it was a bit too twisted for me.

I saw some episodes of King of the Hill. Liked that.

Anyway.... Bart Simpson and Chris Griffin in couples therapy, with Bobby Hill as their therapist.

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I need to do it, it's just all the stuff I'll have to move. Bah. I can't remember how many years I've had this journal. I'll slowly copy and paste stuff, and backdate it to my DW.

I'll miss LJ..... I won't delete my LJ, I'll just leave it and try to remember to post in DW instead.
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Good thing about thinking about how much I'd need to store the Bronco, I've started job hunting again.

I've applied at Chubb, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Methodist Hospital, Costco (though they have a credit check) and White Rock Coffee. If I find something full time, I'm dropping American Greetings like a hot rock. LOL.

I'm thinking about keeping Kohl's but on the weekends....


Maybe tomorrow, I should go apply at Asel's Art Supply.


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