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So, maybe about a month or so back, I was trying to get my Junel refilled at Kroger. Apparently Kroger higher ups are trying to get anyone using this to switch to the generic. The pharmacist had to special order my Junel, and it took a few weeks for it to come in. Bah.

Warning...... I'm getting a little descriptive below, but not as descriptive as I got with the Kroger customer service form on the internet.

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I was wondering if I got too descriptive, but today I got a call from someone in Kroger, and he said that he's going to tell the managers at the upcoming meeting about my comments. He was all "thank you for mentioning this." So now I guess it was okay I got descriptive. LOL


Oct. 11th, 2016 05:11 am
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Okay, trying to make a sticky post with links to all my online journals or photo hosting services....

My dreamwidth..

My Insane Journal

My Photobucket...
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and InsaneJournal spots. Really, I had.

I guess I just thought of them, as I went to LiveJournal, and it's down right now.


Oh, well... how about a painting I forgot about?

Did this way back in 2009. Posted it to my FB and forgot all about it. I don't even know where it is right now. LOL

Eastfield, 2009, by the art building photo eastfield 2009.jpg
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via Craig's List

If you notice difference in prices, it's due to different entries. Plus I'm attempting to see what 'price range' gets more attention.

Though I don't want to go as cheap as some folks want. It's like they're "but I can get something like that cheaper at Walmart". Sigh.....

Blue wave bowl

Black Caddo-inspired style pot

Very large pot….

Some watercolors….




Plus page where I've got the watercolors all together
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So I missed the American Greetings Christmas party, because I had to go to get a CT scan.

The staffperson at the gyn's office told me that I had to empty my bladder first, then drink two bottles of water before the sonogram.

The sonogram tech was really happy about that I had a nice full bladder..... I was just worried about peeing the table! Here she is pressing on my abdomen with that wand. LOL.

CT scan.... if you never had one before, they give you a dye that gets injected into a vein. They'll put a 'port' in your vein, tape it in, and then inject the dye through that. I saw the 'port', but didn't get to see the dye being injected in. They had me put my arms over my head.

They told me that the dye would give a warm feeling, which was nice as that place was cold, and I was trying not to shiver. Not sure if that would mess up the CT scan. It makes you feel as if you've peed. LOL.

There's different side effects. The staff guy (who assisted the tech) told me that if I developed hives, rash or difficulty breathing, they would shut down the CT scan. But the only reaction I had was vertigo, which my maternal Grandma used to have. Though she also got big welts from CT scan dye.

The CT technician says to me afterwards, "Wow, those are some big fibroids." Oh, joy.

She also told me that I needed to drink plenty of fluids the next few days to flush the CT scan dye out of my system.

I'm now wondering if that was what was behind a really bad vertigo attack I had last night, as yesterday I only drank about 16oz.

Anyhow, that was my experience, in case anyone had never had a CT scan, you now have some idea of what to expect. Except for me they were attempting to scan the pelvic area, so someone getting a different area scanned might not get the peeing sensation.

I asked the tech if anyone had ever peed the table, and she said only once in 20 years. It was a 90-something year old man, who wasn't very aware of his surroundings.
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My first impulse is to post on LJ, since I had that account first.

Anyway, now updating....
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Okay, so I had to go to the gynecologist to get my bc pills updated. I was given these a few years back by a different gynecologist, for heavy bleeding, ovarian cyst and to help keep the fibroids from growing more.

Unfortunately, my insurance changed and I couldn't go back to the previous gynecologist. (I've now rectified that situation, I've switched insurance through the marketplace and I'll be able to go see her again. Yeah.)

Well a couple months back, my prescription ran out. So I went ahead and scheduled a visit with the new gyn in an attempt to get my script renewed.

He decided to feel my uterus. He didn't like that it's about the size of a 16 week pregnancy. Well, I knew that a few years back when this first came up. (I just thought I was getting fat, until I noticed in the mirror my 'fat' was beginning to look like a baby bump. Fibroids run in the family, which is what prompted the visit to a gyn after many years of not going. My bad, I know.) He's like "And you're fine with that?" I said, "well, it's better than major surgery!"

He's thinking the fibroids might be bugging my kidneys. (I hope not!) I'd rather have a D&C. He's suggesting a hysterectomy.

So I'm going to get bloodwork done Monday, and then I go to an imaging place to have a sonogram and something else done.

I don't want a hysterectomy. That would be at least 6 weeks recovery time. I really can't afford to take that much time off work. Plus I help my dad with mom, one of the things I assist with is getting Mom in her wheel chair. If I had a hysterectomy, I would not be able to do any lifting for 6 weeks.

Sigh.... I want a second opinion!


At least I don't have any pain from the darned things.....
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from the hospital Friday. And her bed is not working, as in the head of the bed won't go up, so Dad and I are attempting to raise her up on pillows.

The bed tech will be in on Monday.

(And doesn't that term 'bed technician' make one think something else?)

Anyhoo.... now attempting to catch up on all my card accounts with American Greetings. With mom in the hospital, I was going twice a day to the hospital to help her with lunch and dinner. So I've fallen behind. Have to try to catch up now.

I have this wild idea of clearing out my room. I'll sleep in the den on the daybed. And then offer free room & board to a pre-med or nursing student, to help with mom. It's just me and dad attempting to care for mom, and I know I really can't afford to quit working or just leave one of my jobs.

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been going crazy attempting to do what I can at my accounts, plus keep up with helping her at meal times in the hospital.


Plus the reduced hours means that I will be super-broke here...

I have some greenware pottery I will need to get back to, but no idea when I can.

Anyway.... two bowls I've made....

soda fired mimbre bowl top

soda fired mimbre bowl bttm

black n white bowl
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How do they compare to more modern plastic ones?

Just wondering because I found some wooden hangers at an estate sale.

Should I sell on Etsy or keep 'em myself? One bit I don't like about them is the 'edge' of the 'shoulder' part of the hanger. I want to sand it down and make it more curved or something. (That's part of what's making me want to sell them on Etsy. I'm worried about that part wearing through my clothes. )

Unless there is such a thing as felt covers for hangers that I could make.....

Anyway.... just asking.
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I have no idea how I figure out how much to charge for a pot.

This pot... which is about 9-10 inches tall.

 photo caddo style pot.png

It also has a flaw, where the raised pattern pulled away from the side of the pot.
 photo caddo style pot close up.png
I'm not sure. I was thinking about thirty dollars, unless anything thinks that is not enough.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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I don't know if it's part of his hearing issue or he's just not paying attention. Maybe it's the Lipitor?

This happened Tuesday, but only got the chance to write it up today.

Tuesday I was brushing my teeth when the faucet made a loud whine and knocking noise. I quickly turned off the cold handle. The hot was not on. I was done brushing and needed to rinse my mouth. So I turned the cold back on. Loud, ear-splitting whine and knocking noise start again. Then the handle for the hot water shoots off the sink, and hot water is spraying everywhere.

My mouth was filled with toothpaste and I'm not sure when I ended up swallowing the toothpaste.

I go to the kitchen to communicate to my dad that the faucet needs to be shut off.

Dad "What?"

Me "Where's the water shut off in the bathroom?"

Conservation goes around and around for a bit, with me asking about shutting off the water in the bathroom, and dad not understanding what I'm asking.

So dad decides to go to the bathroom to check things out for himself. He sets one foot in the bathroom and falls and slides on his back. At the time I was worried he hurt himself, but now I'm laughing at it.

Dad finally got the water shut off, with me holding a cup over the hot water handle-less spot.

Dad ended up having to run out and get a new faucet.

Then my uncle reminds both me and my dad that I had mentioned that the hot water handle was hard to turn.

See, I like to use my elbows to turn on the hot water, so the handles don't get dirty. I'd stopped using the hot water, as I couldn't turn it on with an elbow anymore. I kinda' got after dad for not paying attention to me. He says, "Well, I would have had to replace the faucet anyway." I pointed out he could have replaced it much sooner, and there wouldn't have been a mess all over the bathroom floor. Hope all that water didn't damage anything.

On the plus side, I can now turn the hot water on with my elbows again.
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Willow's human, Twitchywoman, is unemployed at the moment, and Willow has been drinking and peeing a lot. Willow desperately needs to get vet care, hence the GoFundMe.

Link from Kitty_pix

Link to Willow's GoFundMe

Twitchywoman will donate $250 to a local cat rescue once she gets a job.

Please donate if you can, and please share.


Aug. 30th, 2015 04:59 pm
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So, Friday we had rain. Saturday, more rain was predicted, so I didn't bother to dump Paloma's kiddie pool. (Paloma being the dog.)

Today I went out and found six toads floating in the pool. I put pots in upside down because I was worried about them being able to get out. One hopped away before I could get his picture.

Please excuse my ratty old cell phone pictures.

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Is it my imagination, or does LiveJournal seem to be down?
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Has anyone had something like this happen to them?

My mom had an appointment at the pain management clinic. After getting my mom's wheelchair set in a spot where she is not in the way, I pulled out my sketchbook and started sketching.

I chose a couple, man and woman, because they were conversing with each other, and I always like attempting to show folks interacting. I drew him first because I had a better line of sight on him. I finished a quick sketch of him, not a detailed one, and started sketching the woman.

He got up and came over to see what I was doing. When he saw that I had sketched him, he got extremely upset, and started saying that I had to right to sketch him, and what gave me that right? I tore the page out of my sketchbook, and attempted to hand it to him. He got even more upset, and wanted me to erase it. So I erased the page and showed it to him.

Did this shut him up? No it did not. He kept going on and on and ON about what right did I think I had to sketch him. He claimed it was illegal for me to sketch him. Some guy in the corner got mad. He said he didn't see anything wrong me sketching people, and he took a picture of the man with his cell phone. Noisy guy did not like that at all. So Corner Guy and Noisy Guy started arguing. (Meanwhile I just wanted to melt into the floor.)

Some guy from the pain management office came out and told everyone to pipe down. I put away my sketchbook at Office Guy's request.

After office guy went back, Noisy guy and Corner Guy kept their grumbling at each other to a low growl.

After Noisy Guy left, people started to talk a bit more. Noisy guy had talked to one of the other clients. He was from New York originally and had to come down here. So someone thought maybe he was in the Witness Protection Program. Someone else wondered if he was wanted by law enforcement. Someone else suggested he needed his meds.

So, thoughts?

One idea did occur to me. This was an older black man. I was wondering if he was defensive because, well, y'know black people have been taken advantage of. I could have seen artists using black people as subjects in the Jim Crow era, and not paying them very much, or not at all. Meanwhile, they'd sell the painting for a good sum.

Anyway... I'm posting this, and then I'm going to my best to forget about it so it doesn't keep steaming me.

I'm just curious if anyone else has had someone really object to being sketched, and how you have handled the situation.

I've never had anyone get upset when they notice I'm sketching them, and they usually make a comment on whether it looks like them or not. Most folks either don't notice or don't care.

I've had folks I'm pretty sure knew that they were being sketched, but obviously didn't care.

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Link from Blogger for all y'all budding artists



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